Naim Energy Technologies
NET energy has developed an original and comprehensive approach for energy system optimization, providing a much-needed systems approach to energy applications. NET energy has developed systems that include renewable power generation, conversion and storage including: wind, solar photovoltaic power, batteries, fuel cells, and Hydrogen. NETenergy‘s goal is to minimize the cost and maximize the reliability of renewable energy in stationary and transportation applications. Website.
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Said Al-Hallaj
Dr Said Al-Hallaj is the Chairman/CEO and co-founder of All Cell Technologies, and an adjunct professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Prior to All Cell, Said was a Research Professor of Chemical Engineering and Coordinator for Renewable Energy Programs at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Professor Al-Hallaj earned his B.Sc and M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology and a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from IIT. He is the author of a book entitled “Hybrid Hydrogen Systems” and has published over 35 technical peer reviewed journals and over 25 conference papers.  Said is a the co-author of  four issued patents on renewable energy.