The University of Jordan
The University of Jordan was established in 1962, since then it has applied itself to research and community research knowledge. The University of Jordan offers 63 international programs at the undergraduate level, and 130 international programs at the graduate level in all field of specialization. It offers 30 doctoral programs and 81 master programs. The essential components of most of the programs offered are based on dialogue, applied research, creative thinking, field work, practical training, combined with modern teaching techniques. Since its establishment in 1974, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology has always strived for keeping up with the latest developments in energy applications. Recently, the The University of Jordan merged the Energy Center with water and environment center. It meant to be the source of knowledge and advanced technology in all forms and areas of energy and environment at all levels of national, regional and global. The center focuses on the themes of saving energy, renewable energies and the environmental impact. Website.
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Ahmad Salaymeh
Professor Ahmed Al-Salaymeh is the director of Water, Energy and Environment Center and a Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He received his Ph.D. degree from Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany in 2001. He organized and participated in many workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of Energy, Renewable Energy and Green building. He is also an expert in the Field of Energy Regulation. He is the local coordinator of two Tempus projects on the establishment of Master program on sustainability and the renewable energy and on the establishment of a master program in environmental engineering and climate change.
Ahmad Sakhrieh
Dr. Ahmad Sakhrieh is an Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, the University of Jordan.  He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Combustion) from Lehrstuhl Für Technische Thermodynamik Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nürnberg, with thesis on Reduction of Pollutant Emissions from High Pressure Flames using an Electric Field. He received his Master and Bachelor from the mechanical engineering department at the University of Jordan in 1995 and 1997. He worked as assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Hashemite University in Jordan between 2007 and 2011. He has 25 published papers.
Mohammad Hamdan
Prof. Mohammad Hamdan has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University (Pullman) (USA), an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Combustion & Energy) from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wales (Cardiff), United Kingdom. He is a full professor since 1995 and he worked as Engineering sector Advisor at Higher council for science and technology. He is currently the dean of Faculty of Engineering, Al-Zaytoonah University, Amman Jordan. He published over ninety five papers in international journals and his research experience is alternative fuels, combustion and pollution, heat transfer and renewable energy.
Dr. Osama Ayadi
​Dr.Osama  Ayadi  is  an   Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department and enthusiastic  researcher  in  the  field  of  solar  energy  with  an  interesting  international experience, during the last few years he travelled all over Europe, North and South Africa and   Middle East delivering courses and participating in solar energy projects, conferences and  meetings aiming to achieve his dream of ensuring clean, renewable and secure energy for all. He recived his PhD from Politecnico di Milano, Milan Italy with thesis on Design, Monitoring and Optimization of solar cooling systems using concentrating solar collectors.
Miss Sana’a Al-Aqqad
​Sana’a Al-Aqqad is a research assistant and technical manager at the Water Energy and Environment Center (WEEC) of the University of Jordan. She obtained the Master degree in Chemistry from The University of Jordan in Amman-Jordan, 2005. Al-Aqqad’s research interests are in evaluating and monitoring water and environmental organic and inorganic pollutants. In addition to her tasks Miss Aqqad  was assigned as a coordinator assistant  on the project  “MAster program of  Environmental engineering and Climate change “(MAPEC), which  is an EU-funded project through Tempus program that supports the modernization of higher education in the EU’s and partner countries. Also Miss Aqqad has rolled in other Tempus projects and FP7 project (Marie Curie Actions People, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme) were The University of Jordan is also a partner.
Mamoon Al-Dmour
Mamoon Al-Dmour received his Master Degree in Computer Information systems from Arab Academy for Banking And Financial Sciences, Jordan in 2004, and BSc degree in Computer Science From Mutah University, in 2000. He now works at the Computer Center of University of Jordan, as Web developer and designer. He is a certified trainer in many technologies. Mr. Al-Dmour works as lecturer in at University of Jordan and Arabian Group for Training and Education.