Sapienza University of Rome
With over 700 years of history and 145,000 students Sapienza, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is the first University in Rome and the largest University in Europe. Sapienza has over 4,500 professors and almost 5,000 administrative and technical staff. Sapienza offers over 300 degree programmes and 250 first and second level specialised qualifications. Students from other regions are over 30,000. Foreign students are over 7,000. Incoming and outgoing Erasmus students are about 1,000 per year. CIRPS is an Interuniversity Research Centre, department of Sapienza University, counting 11 Universities and 300 professors, researchers and experts and with high-level specialisation not belonging to the academic world. CIRPS’s activities are aimed at conducting research, developing and disseminating scientific knowledge, technological solutions and working methods, including organisation and social life that can allow sustainable development. Website.
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Vincenzo Naso
Prof. Vincenzo Naso is CIRPS Director; Full professor of Energy Systems at the “Sapienza” University of Rome. 1. Head of the PhD Course on “Energy and Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development”; 2. Director of University Master Courses (II level) on energy/environment topics; 3. Director of University Master Courses (II level) on optimum management of energy and hydro resources; 4. Director of University Master Courses (II level) on International Decentralised.
Katiuscia Cipri
Dr. Katiuscia Cipri has an MSc in Engineering, PhD in Energetic. She is Researcher at the “Sapienza” university of Rome. She has a long scientific experience in renewable energy technologies, internal and external combustion engines, and environmental analysis. She is author of a number of papers and publications on cryogenic systems, Stirling engine and thermodynamic theory. She is responsible of scientific management of ISEC - International Stirling Engine Conference. She is Project Coordinator of TEMPUS Project MANSUR – MAster oN SUstainable development and Renewable energy (511069-1-TEMPUS-2010-1-IT-JPCR).
Fabrizio Paloni
Dr. Fabrizio Paloni is a Psychologist (Bachelor at Sapienza University, Master on Organizational Competencies), expert in Monitoring and Evaluation. He has already monitored and evaluated other Tempus projects (Tempus DRIVE ). Other project monitored and or evaluated belong to EuroMed Heritage I and II, Eumedis II (Medina project and MedNet'U project on distance learnig), EIDHR, Art. 6.