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Take Survey with Easy Steps:

Did you realize that 76% of those living in the US live inside 5 miles of a CVS area?

In case you're perusing this page, you're likely piece of the 76% measurement since you're attempting to take the CVS overview on the web.

By and by, the nearest CVS to me is .3 miles away, so I am 100% piece of the 76% measurement.
Also, take another pharmacy store survey Walgreens at and win $3000.

CVS has been around since two siblings began the leading store in 1963 in Lowell Massachusetts. By 1964 it had officially developed to 17 stores in the region.

Numerous individuals don't have the foggiest thought about the "CVS" really means "Customer Value Stores," epitomizing the store's central goal in these three words.

I regularly used to figure it didn't represent anything, be that as it may, the three letters are center to the organization's principle objective of offering some incentive to its clients.

By 1974 the store had just accomplished $100 million in yearly deals was all the while developing at a fast pace. By 1985 it had soared to $1 billion in annual sales. All the more as of late in 2011, its yearly income has come to over $100 billion.

There's a reason it keeps on developing at such a fast pace, and that is the organization appears to think about its clients.

One way it continually improves and tunes in to client input is through the CVS Survey at, where it additionally remunerates faithful clients with the opportunity to enter month to month sweepstakes to win $1,000 or $10 prize each month.

Continue perusing to discover how you can enter.

CVS Survey Prizes:
Consistently the accompanying victors are picked:
1 thousand prizes $1,000 victor
200 $10 victors
Restricted to one $10 prize victor for each family and one $1,000 champ for every family per month to month drawing

Instructions to Take The CVS Survey

CVS offers three passage techniques for their review.
Step by step instructions to Enter The CVS Survey Online:
1. Make a buy at a CVS.
2.Spare your receipt
3. Go online to and pick your language.
4. At that point enter, you're 17 digit review number you can discover on your receipt.
5. Answer all review questions, and you will be naturally gone into the month to month sweepstakes attracting with an opportunity to win $1,000

The most effective method to Enter By Phone:
1. Make a buy at a CVS.
2.Utilize the telephone number on your receipt to bring in your study section
3.The most effective method to Enter By Mail
4. As no buy is required for part into the sweepstakes, you can complete a mail-in a passage.
5. Assemble a 3″X5″ bit of paper and compose on it your name, postage information, and phone number.

Send mail the paper to CVS Pharmacy $1,000. Monthly Sweepstakes, 16200 Dallas Parkway, Suite 140, Dallas, Texas 75248-6897

Passage For Online CVS Purchases – Did you make an online CVS buy?

On the off chance that you made a CVS buy on the web. And not coming up, a few bundles will incorporate a ten digit overview code you can use to enter the study at this web address, which is unique about the web address you'll use to open the review on the off chance that you make an in-store buy. Contest Dates:

1 Winner illustration consistently
Champs are drawn around three weeks after the finish of each scheduled month

Champs are informed by telephone, email or letter.
CVS Survey Homepage

Make Sure You must know about Survey Rules ( before entering into the survey.

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